O-Spot – Wi-Fi Deployments

Our Focus To bring wireless Internet access to the doorstep of small communities in remote villages.

website: http://www.ospot.in

Basic Scenario of Wi-Fi Village



  • Central server to be installed at the hub-Core which is located at  Center for seamless Connectivity.
  • The hub connects to  spokes.
  • Each spoke is installed within 5 kilometers radius from the hub.
  • The spoke’s WiFi is in the range of up to 180m.
  • The Internet speed is 2Mbps for each hub & each spoke location.


Why We on these Deployments ???

After nearly two decades of advancing Wi-Fi technology and the recent explosion in the number and usage of Wi-Fi enabled devices, planning a commercial Wi-Fi deployment inevitably means confronting a bewildering array of choices

  • Which is the right technology to use?
  • What type of access points (APs) should I deploy?
  • How many access points will I need?
  • What is the optimal location for each access point?
  • Are there any sources of interference I need to account for?
  • How can I determine the optimal channel and power settings for each access point?
  • How should I manage the resulting Wi-Fi network?

we do have These question’s answers.