WISP – Wireless Internet Service Provider Setup – provider


WISP Setup Provider (Wireless Internet Service Provider) with networks built around wireless networking. Technology may include commonplace Wi-Fi wireless mesh networking, or proprietary equipment designed to operate over free License bands.

WISP Setup Provider (Wireless Internet Service Provider) are predominantly in rural environments where traditional cable and digital subscriber lines are not available. WiMax is expected to become mainstream in the near future, bringing with it dramatic changes to the marketplace by increasing the number of inter operable equipment on the market and making mobile data transmission feasible, increasing the utility of such networks in rural environments. However, high-bandwidth wireless back hauls are already common in major cities, providing levels of bandwidth previously only available through expensive fiber optic a days higher capacity devices are also available in market with good rate.

Benefits of WISP Setup services

  • High Speed Data Links  it can be Up to 200-400 Mbps
  • Fast Installation of the Base Station , one or two days
  • Fast Installation for your customers clients , 2  hour installation per site
  • Cost effective access for multiple users
  • Easy Shifting / Up gradation of devices as per requirement
  •  Reliable and instant 24 hour Internet access
  •  Maintenance Support.

How to start Internet service – wireless Internet service

For starting ISP/WISP Setup Provider business then you need some thing that is very essential for any individual who want to setup business of WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) and all thing which have a requirement are listed below.

The following material is meant to help you what necessary step are need to be start Wireless Internet Service position. Under WISP we understand integrated Local Area Network LAN system for connection customer to the internet. High speed wireless data links are used to provide internet access on point to point (PtP) and from point to multipoint(PtMP) basis companies, colleges, govt., hotels, hospitals etc through service WISP Setup Provider (Wireless Internet Service Provider).

What is a GOOD location for WISP Setup Provider as Base station/Main Location/TOWER.

  •  Top of a high building somewhere in the city.
  •  Top of a building located on a hill
  •  high tower (like TV or some communication tower)

    It is very important, that you can find such a location, where the Base Station antenna and the Base Radio Unit can be installed closely, e.g., antenna on the roof of a building and base unit in the roof space,antenna on a communication tower and base unit in a weather-proof box attached to that tower.

    Also, you will need to organize 220V power to the base unit, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or Power backup is recommended. 

    What equipment / device needed at client site for WISP Setup.


  • For client site you will need to consider where to mount the antenna, where to put the router and how to connect it to the client’s LAN and to 110V or 220V power. Again, you should find a place for the router, where the distance to the antenna is minimal. You should better consider using a shorter antenna cable and extend the LANs cable [and power] to the place where you install the router. Although longer cables (80-100m) are acceptable

    Installation information for ISP/WISP Setup Provider.

    We are offering World Wide installation and training service for the system which you will purchase from us for become own ISP/WISP Setup Provider (Wireless Internet Services).

    Requirement for better installation of internet connection.

  •  The network configuration and installation should be planned before starting work of setting internet connection like geographical area.

  •  Site should be prepared for installation (like power ) and make collection of whole tools and things which have a requirement for a setting a internet connection.
  • The customer should have to cover the following expanses include travel expanses of our team to customer location, accommodation expanses till work will go, Food and other essential expanses that customer has to bear for company.
  • Please free feel to contact us for any help or information you want from us regarding how to become own ISP/WISP Setup Provider (Wireless Internet Service Provider).